2019 Sustainability Report

arrow blueCommitted to using financial, natural and human resources wisely without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs

Highlight Stories

Achieving Waste Reduction through Customer Service Excellence

Advancing Renewable Energy

Agribusiness Virtuous Cycle

Celebrating Long-Term Accident Free Operations

Chairman’s Safety Excellence Award

Customer Collaboration for Improved Performance

Dempsey Award for Customer Excellence

Developing Leaders

DoubleGreen™ Product Line


Efficiency in Water Treatment at our Los Angeles Mill

Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Energy Efficiency in Production

EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership

FPS In Turkey Receives ISO 27001 Certification

Gauge Improvement

Greif Champions Coin

Greif Quality Day in Belgium

Greif Riyadh Reduces Waste by Addressing Wastewater

Greif Scholarship Program

Greif Takes Majority Share in Tholu

Huayou Cobalt Supplier of the Year

Improving Our Wastewater

Increasing the Use of PCR in Our Products

Innovating Food Safety

Innovating Injection and Welding Production with NexDRUM®

Life Cycle Assessments

Maintaining Our Commitments Through Natural Disasters

Pollinator Habitat Improvement Study

Rain Barrel Program Receives Stewardship Environmental Award

Real-time Quality Management

Reconditioning Conical Drums in Portugal

Reducing the Weight of Jerry Cans

Reducing VOC’s Through Use of Water-Based Exterior Paints

Replacement of Boiler with 10% Energy Efficiency Improvement

Reuse of Exterior Paint in RIPS North America

Shield Technology

State of the Art Reconditioning Services in Lille

Sustainable Solutions for IBCs Using PCR

Together for Sustainability

Transitioning to Electric Forklifts

Turning Waste to Fuel

Using Recycled Plastic in IBC Molding

Zero-Leak Program


Average Together for Sustainability Score

Our audited facilities are contributing to developing industry-wide sustainability standards for suppliers to chemical manufacturers.


Savings from Gauge Improvement Program

Working with our suppliers to meet minimum specifications requirements resulted in significant savings in 2019.


Average Safety Training Hours

Each production colleague in our business receives safety training, ensuring our safety culture is understood and practiced every day.